About Testimonials

You will find that every agent has 5 star testimonials. I mean, who would put a poor testimonial on their web page? Really, who would do that? I have plenty of independent testimonials listed below for your reading pleasure. But I will go one step further. You can choose ANY transaction you want, and I will provide you with the clients email or phone number so you can contact them directly. That's how confident I am that my clients stand behind me. You can choose any of the closed sales listed on this site, or I can send you a list. Call ANYONE you want. They will stand behind me.

Ed A. Boston, MA

He'll go the extra 3000 miles!
Charlie sold us our first house in California, then sold it for us, then sold us our second house, then sold it when we had to relocate to the East coast. Four times we chose him, for his expertise, his judgment, and his good cheer. In every transaction, he went above and beyond normal real estate agent tasks when necessary, culminating in getting our car shipped across the country. So technically, it was the car that went the 3000 miles, but I don't doubt that Charlie would have driven it himself if the shipper hadn't shown up.

Myke M. Huntington Beach

Charlie did a great job helping us move a rental property that was very much in need of major repairs. We were able to realize an excellent gain on the property in a very short timeframe. All in all, this transaction could not have been smoother because of Charlie's involvement at all levels.

Karen D Huntington Beach

We recently purchased a condo in Irvine and we are so thankful that we chose to work with Charlie. He had our backs every step of the way and we can't say enough good things about him. Charlie always made us feel as if we were the most important clients - every question or concern we had was addressed with immediacy, patience, and backed by a lifetime of expertise and knowledge. We had a couple of very stressful weeks in the escrow process and Charlie's Zen-like calm and sage advice were of immeasurable help. Throughout the entire experience Charlie put us and our needs first, before making a sale. We couldn't have chosen a better agent or representative, and we highly recommend Charlie Finn.

Cheryl D Rancho Cucamonga

We have worked with many Real Estate agents thru the past and Charlie is by far the best. Very responsive and his sage wisdom enabled us to get a fantastic property and an even more fantastic price

Jeff B Newport Beach

Charlie helped us sell my mother's condo in Landmark. He recommended some modest improvements that didn't cost much but allowed us to get top dollar and a quick sale. He is a great guy to work with. Jeff B.

Mike H Huntington Beach

My family and I were new to the HB area....Charlie at Coldwell Banker helped us find the ideal home in a great area. Escrow was a little difficult, with the sellers. However,Charlie was great and helped us navigate those waters so we could close escrow.
Very highly recommended.

Aaron M Huntington Beach

What an awesome agent! My wife and I have done three different transaction with Charlie and they all have gone so smoothly. First about 8 years ago we rented a property through him that was perfect for our family. We described what we were looking for and price range and with in a week we were signing our contract. During that week Charlie made daily contact with updates and ideas till we found our perfect rental. Our second and third deal with Charlie was even better. Charlie listed our house and sold it within a couple of months in a tough market and out of Orange County for a price so we could move back to downtown Huntington Beach. We were very challenging clients for Charlie as far as location, size of the house we were looking for and not to mention the price we could afford. Charlie went way above and beyond his call of duty to take care of us and found us our downtown 4 bedroom house at a price we could afford. During the whole process Charlie took care of us,the customer, in every aspect of the deal. He is very detailed and does his homework to get his customers what they are looking for. I would recommend Charlie to anybody and everybody for the great job he did for me and my family. Thanks Charlie its awesome being neighbors!!!!

Koji Y Toronto Canada

Highly recommend Charlie. We were looking for our vacation condo in Huntington Beach from Canada. First, he was one of few even responded back to us in timely manner and only one took time to take us around multiple properties in our very restricted schedule.
We could not find a property during our short visit but he kept working and sent us multiple listings with pictures and video footage. (using Youtube) Shortly after, he was able to find the perfect condo for us and we bought it without seeing the condo in person. We were able to trust him that much.
He is not only very capable realtor but also wonderful person. Thanks again Charlie!!

April H Huntington Beach

Charlie, was a blessing. I was on the fence about buying being a single mom of a son who needs a lot of room and still be close to the beach and school. Working with the first realtor that a friend referred to me was rough. I am in the mortgage industry so I know the importance of listing to what people's needs and wants are. I was taken to homes that weren't what I wanted or needed. At one point there was a condo we looked at a two bedroom, one bath no closet in one rooms and was told I could buy a Rubbermaid storage unit and put it out back since the yard was big enough and use that as a closet. That wasn't never going to work for me and my son. I was in shock and was feeling discouraged that I wouldn't be able to find anything I wanted, in Huntington Beach and in my price range. Luckily I had another friend who referred me to Charlie since he has a wonderful reputation in the town and industry I figured I would give him a shot. With a small savings and tight budget on buying in Huntington Beach Charlie, was able to find what I was looking for and MORE and in the area we wanted to be. I looked at I believe three places with him and all fit what I wanted but the one we purchased was PERFECT. He made home buying a great experience and quick. He knows the market and the areas so he was able to let me know if this would be a good investment for my family. My son and I are more than happy in our new home and will most definitely be using Charlie for any future purchases or listings. I will always refer him to friends, family and my own customers. Thank you so much Charlie without you I would still be renting and not building on my dreams and goals.

Christina H Anaheim Hills

My family and I had a wonderful experience with Charlie. Not only was he super personable and proactive in helping us find the perfect home, but his patience is beyond words. We looked and looked and drove and drove and after almost 3 years of searching we were finally able to find a place that felt just right. I am extreme grateful to him for his patience and work ethic and plan on using him again in the future when needed! Thanks Charlie!

Megan D Huntington Beach

Thank goodness for Charlie! We were first time home buyers trying to buy in Huntington Beach with ten percent down with two young children. So our buying options were limited. We had one realtor who just emailed listings all the time whether it fit in our requirements or limitations or not. Then we had a second realtor who showed us two houses that were on the brink of being torn down and all she could talk about was "just imagine what this could be, you are really paying for the location". Well lady if it costs us 50k just to make it safe and livable for our kids (you know working plumbing , non broken windows,etc) how are we supposed to afford that on top of the selling price and where do we live while these major renovations are taking place? So now we have to pay rent on top of our mortgage? She clearly was in some dreamland. We let her go.

Then we called Charlie Finn. He took the time to listen to our needs and what we had to offer.
We thought we would be stuck in a condo or a dilapidated house. It was limited for us because like everyone else we were looking for a deal to get our feet in the door and not be eating top ramen with the daycare expenses. We kept getting beat out by people offering way over asking price and we just couldn't match it and stay in the range we wanted. Everything seemed to be a bidding war or a cash buyer would swoop in and steal the deals. So frustrating.
Charlie encouraged us to keep looking, he didn't try to sell us on every house because of the price. He did not want us to be "house poor" and buy a money pit and he didn't want us in some tiny condo with two kids either.
We actually ended up getting our house because of the cover letter he wrote. We had put in an offer and of course an cash buyer swooped in way above asking price and we were out of the running. We were so bummed. It was the first decent single family house we had seen in our price range (mid 500's) .However a few weeks later we got a call-- the cash buyer fell out for whatever reason and the estate selling the property called Charlie before even putting it back on the market to see if we were still interested. They said the owner wanted a nice family to live in the home and they ended up accepting our original offer. We were beyond thrilled! We couldn't believe it. But if Charlie had not written that cover letter we would have never been offered it.
Then the reality of actually buying a house set in. We had never been through the process. Charlie walked us through each step. I was constantly emailing or calling with questions and no question was ever to silly--about the process, why our lender was asking for this or that, the home inspection, it seemed never ending. He always responded promptly and gave me a thorough explanation.
It's been 2 1/2 years now since we've been in the house. It is the best decision we ever made. The process isn't all fun like we imagined in the beginning and Charlie helped us navigate every step of the way. Thank you Charlie!

Eric H Lake Dallas Texas

If you are looking for a professional, reliable Real Estate agent in southern California look no further than Charlie Finn. Though I lived in Indio California and held my own active license at the time, I chose Charlie as my listing agent when I had to short sell my home. I happened to be with my CPA in Orange County, asking questions regarding this transaction when she suggested I contact Mr. Finn to be part of my team as he possessed diversified knowledge and skills within residential real estate sales. I thought it was an unusual direction to take since he was out of San Diego County. Though I contacted Charlie with questions he might be able to answer, he also inspired me to hire him to see the transaction through. Over 100 miles from Riverside County yet Charlie and a buyers agent closed the deal within three days of listing. I was prepared for the usual hick-ups that follow escrows but this process went smoothly on Charlies side and with his always present assistance cured situations that occasionally rose from the buyer's agent. Though this transaction was a few years ago Charlie continues to contact me every few months to see how things are going with me, even though I now reside in Texas! Charlie Finn is a proven professional, time and again.

Sam H Huntington Beach

Best Real Estate agent in OC! He was our agent for our first AND second home purchase. It's scary being a 1st time home buyer, but Charlie is VERY low pressure and wants to help you find what is good for YOUR needs, not whatever is the easiest sale for him to make money. He also has had years of loan experience so he is advanced in helping first time home buyers understand the whole process. On our second home purchase we were more comfortable with the process, but I feel that having Charlie on our side gave us the extra confidence that made us comfortable with our purchase. Year to date we made $100,000 on our first for purchase and are over that on our second. I have referred Charlie several times and will continue to shout his name from the hill tops. Charlie Finn is your best choice for Real Estate agent.

Art A Huntington Beach

Charlie did an outstanding job finding us a condo in Huntington Landmark. He never
tried to pressure us, and everyday we would receive an email with new or changed
listings. I high recommend him.

Bryan B Los Angeles

Charlie is amazing. He knows the market so he makes it his business to get to know you for that perfect match. You won't be sorry.

Carl K Huntington Beach

Charlie is amazing. My wife and I were in a very troubling living situation and decided to sell and buy as soon as possible. He completely understood our desperation and dug in to all the details needed to get it done. We pretty much did everything he asked and we were in a new home in about 6 weeks. This included changing out all flooring, patching and painting, deep cleaning, etc. I don't know what we would have done without him. He is a great realtor and a great man. He'll even wash your windows for you.

Stacey N San Diego

Charlie helped me during a very emotional time. I needed to sell my mother's condo after her passing. Charlie was knowledgeable regarding the area, and patient regarding my emotions. Charlie had considerable knowledge of the comparable condos and kept me consistently up to date. It was a pleasure working with Charlie, he is a consummate professional and highly recommended.

Name Withheld San Clemente

We returned to Orange County a year ago after ten years in Idaho. We were looking to lease a home in Huntington Beach, until we were sure what part of the OC to call home. This is not easy to do from fifteen hundred miles away. We had heard about Charlie from a friend and called to see if he could locate a property to meet our needs. If I recall he looked at many houses and took pictures to let us "view" them from afar. I asked why he went to so much trouble for just a rental referral and he said that when it comes time to buy you'll call me. We did. Charlie helped us find a home in San Clemente that we couldn't be happier with...He went above and beyond for a house that was out of his area. Our search spanned Carlsbad to Huntington Beach, a pretty wide search area and a lot of miles to cover....

Name Withheld Santa Ana

We couldn't be happier with using Charlie. Buying our first home seemed scary, but Charlie made the whole process far from scary. He made it fun and was very knowledgable. Not only was he great in searching for our home but his background in finance also was extremely helpful. My wife and I have been living in our home for 3 years and our home has gone up in value. It's all thanks to the time Charlie took in helping find the great deal we got. We are planning on selling and upgrading very soon and Charlie will definetly be who we will deal with.

Name Withheld Huntington Beach

Mr. Finn was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood we were
looking at. He signed us up for email listings for new homes for
sale, and that's how we got a great deal on our home. He kept in
touch with us, but did not hound us like so many realtors do.
Highly Recommended!

Name Withheld Newport Beach

Charlie Finn is extremely knowledgeable and helped us with a short sale purchase a year ago. We have stayed in touch with him and he has responded to every inquiry we have made very promptly. In particular, when we asked for an update on rents in the local area (Costa Mesa), he replied within 24 hours, which was very helpful in upcoming rent negotiations with our tenants.

Mike P Minnesota

We moved to Orange County from another state and were fortunate enough to be referred to Charlie. He did a great job helping us understand the often confusing OC housing market. We were happy with the house he helped us find, especially when we used him to sell at a tidy profit 3 years later when we left the OC due to work.

The greatest part of working with Charlie was the fact that he stayed in touch throughout the time we lived there, answering my referral questions as we did things to the house. I've purchased 1/2 dozen houses in the last 20 years in multiple states. Charlie was the best realtor we worked with and it wasn't close. Highest recommendation.